Snow and Fabric Angels

Well, the show has started here as predicted at almost 1 pm on the dot.  I’m going to try and take pictures every couple hours just to document this one.  It’s supposed to be “something we’ve never seen before”.  We’ll see, it’s coming down pretty good, all though you really can’t see the flakes that well in this picture!  I should have stepped all the way outside on the deck, but I’m too chicken – it’s cold and icy out there!
If you have not gotten the newest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine – the April 2011 issue – go get a copy.  It’s a keeper for sure – so many pretty quilts, but the big highlight of this issue to me, in my opinion was this fabric angel”

Is that not the darn cutest picture!  Love it.  The article is awesome and the “eye-candy” in the photos that goes with the article – wow, just icing on the cake!
I love the quote on this photo too:
“I get to play in quilting heaven and feel like a fabric angel” Edyta Sitar
I had the joy of having a booth next to her at a quilt show a few years ago and she’s just as sweet as she sounds in the article.  A truely nice person – her and her hubby both!  Good job Edyta – the article is awesome and the photos of your studio are very drool worthy – will you adopt me? :O}
Now, back to my own piece of heaven here in my quilting kingdom.  LOL  
We are hunkered down and ready for this blizzard to come.  My hubbie has been told not to come in to work tonight because the roads are going to be too bad – this has never, everj happened in his 19 years of working for ConWay.  The cabinets are stocked, we have plenty of quilts to keep us warm, movies are ready, popcorn is on stand by for a movie night and now, I sit here and wait for my kids to make it home safely from school.  I’m “predicting” they will cancel school tomorrow!
Be safe everybody!

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