Winter Storm Coming!

Well, if all our weathermen are correct – we will soon be buried under a pile of snow.  Somewhere between 18 to 24 inches.  Wow – I have not seen snow in that amount since I was a kid!
If all of it does come, I guarantee you – I will be playing a little in my own stash of fabrics because I’m not getting out in all that white stuff!  Also – just a little warning – if that much snow comes, our postal pick up for orders might be a little behind.  So don’t get worried if your order ships out in the next couple days and seems to be taking a bit longer than in the past.
Wish us luck – we may just need it!  LOL – but I am so looking forward to being “snowed in”  – I’ll be quilting away while all that white stuff is coming down!  Yaa Hoo!

14 thoughts on “Winter Storm Coming!”

  1. Oh my, I would never leave the house with that stash, Tara!! LOL!! How do you leave it??? Just beautiful fabric! You would probably go in to shock if you saw my measly stash! Some day… 🙂 I know, we are also bracing for the worst here! Yuck!


  2. Color me jealous of your closet. Both for quantity and organization. I want a closet just like yours!! At my job we got a \”Jeans Day\” for tomorrow due to the weather alert. My co-worker commented that it was because nothing prevents spinning out of control on an icy road like… jeans! LOL. I just might be working from home so it would be a PJs day for me!


  3. I'm looking forward to being snowed in too – just as long as the electricity doesn't go off. Wish that I had your stash closet though. I probably wouldn't come out for oweeks if I had that!!


  4. I loooooove your stash!! Good luck with the winter storm. We are supposed to be getting some here in Dallas too!! I bought groceries today and am hoping to spend some quality time with my sewing machine. Be safe!


  5. Oooo Tara…keeping warm near a toasty iron sounds devine on a snow blizzard kind of day!My order arrived today. I wanted to say thank you…..dreamy!!!


  6. Can't imagine that much snow. Here on the west coast (southern tip of Vancouver Island) it is sunny but cold. No snow and none in the forecast. Just the usual rain. A beautiful stash of fabric. I think I would be glad for a couple of snow days.lol


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