Give A Way Winner Announcement!

Wow – I am really impressed with all the comments on our Give A Way post!  Each of them are wonderful tips for quilters! If you get a chance, go back and read through the comments on that blog post which you can find here:
This morning, my fun loving daughter had the honor of picking today’s winning name out of the basket.  She was so tickled to be a part of this.  My little Ashley has nicknamed me the “Quilt Fabric Hoarder” and she asked me “Mom, do you know this person?  Does she hoard fabric like you?”  I had to laugh!  Well….
Miss Lori – Do you hoard fabric also?
You can view her awesome blog here and leave her a comment congratulating her on her win today.  Lori, if you will contact me at sewunique7@aol.com  I will ship a copy of our new book and both charm packs out to you!
Have a great weekend everyone.  I’m going to pack up a few orders this morning, tinker around in the kitchen this afternoon and then sit in my favorite recliner, relax, watch a rented movie and enjoy a little hand piecing this evening!

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