Pictures from the 2010 DeKalb County Quilt Show!

Ok, so I’m a little behind on posting pictures from some of the quilt shows from last year.  Well, a bit more like – way behind!  I was cleaning out my digital camera card and it had over 2500 pictures on it – oops!
Here is the slideshow of the quilts on display at the 2010 DeKalb County Quilters Guild Show that I was a vendor at last October!  A fun time was had by all!
If you would prefer not to watch the slide show and would like to go directly to my WebShots album – here is that link:


2010 DeKalb County Quilters Quilt Show

3 thoughts on “Pictures from the 2010 DeKalb County Quilt Show!”

  1. What a great display of quilts! Gorgeous!!I received my Simply Charming quilt book today! Thank you and I love it!!Thank you also for the Simply Charming squares:)Big hugs!


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