Family Quilts

I woke up this morning with my great Aunt on my mind.  She recently has been stumbling and falling a little and had to be taken to the doctor last week for a cut on her leg from one of those falls.  She put quite the scare into all of us!  My great Aunt Columbia is my oldest living relative in our immediate family.  She is such a gem and still lives on her own and quilts on a daily basis.  She has this wonderful old quilt frame in her bedroom that is hung from the ceiling and “let down” when it’s time to quilt.  She has not been doing a lot of hand quilting lately as it’s hard for her now.  But she still peddles away on her treadle sewing machine!
Above are 2 photographs that she gave to me this past November when we went down for a visit.  I treasure these photos.  Both of these quilts were sold some years ago and I would so love to stumble upon them one day, but what are the chances of that.  I would also like to find out the names of the quilt patterns – so if you have any idea what the blocks are called – leave me a comment!
You might remember me speaking of my great Aunt in the past here on the blog and on FaceBook.  Here’s a photo of her:
In this photo is my Aunt Teresa on the left, great Aunt Columbia in the middle helping to hold up one of her beautiful creations and then on the right is my Aunt Julie.  All three of these women are quilters in my family and each of them are special to me.  They also have a quilt named after them in my new book
which my favorite boy in brown lovingly known as Mr. UPS will be delivering today.  He better have that hand dolly ready to haul all those boxes of books up the driveway!  Knowing me – I’ll probably run down the driveway and give him a huge hug when he pulls up.  I just cannot put into words how utterly excited I am about this book.  To think – it’s somewhere on a truck in my town right now – so close, yet just not here yet – I wish he had a GPS tracking system where I could stalk his every move (just kidding, I am not a stalker!)!
Here’s another pretty creation my great Aunt made.  I will make a quilt just like this one day – colors and all – just like this one!  I so love this quilt!

6 thoughts on “Family Quilts”

  1. What a sweet post. I really hope your Aunt will be doing better.Those are some lovely quilts and maybe you will be able to track them down one day…just like Syliva in the Jennifer Chiaverini books:) There's always hope.I'm so happy for you and your new book and if the bundle is on the truck then that might mean that mine is there too 🙂 I'm really excited for me too!Hugs,Sue


  2. How wonderful to have a family full of quilters! Congratulations on your book–I can't wait to get my copy either, after seeing all the quilts on your webpage. Oh my gosh, I love every single one!


  3. You are going to scare the poor ups man, lol.I hope the storms don't delay the deliveries this week.Love your aunts quilts, wish I had kept some of my grandmother's pieces, have no idea where they went.Debbie


  4. The block in the first photo sure looks like a Carpenter's Wheel to me. I made one last year, so I'm familiar with it. I hope your dear lady heals up very quickly. You are so luck to have all those quilters in your family. Michele


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