My Heart Is All A Flutter today!

My heart is pounding ever so fast today…. I just received confirmation that our book is shipping out today!  If you have not been to our website to view all 20 projects that are in this book, feel free to visit the following link and scroll down where you will see a picture of each quilt!
It should be hitting your local quilt shops shelves any day now!  We should have our order this week also and I’ll be shipping these out as soon as they arrive! (And just a little FYI for my local friends and fellow quilters – Roberts Sewing Center here in Joliet, Illinois, will for have their copies of our book by Monday January 31st – if not sooner!  We’ll be dropping all 20 models off at the quilt shop also, if you would like to stop in and take a look at each of them!  Also – don’t forget out book signing at Roberts Sewing Center on February 26th, from 10 am to Noon!)
And as always, we will ship all pre-orders in the order they were received.  It will probably take me a few days to get all the orders for these caught up, so just be patient with me!  I have enough ordered to cover all pre-orders plus some extras.  Feel free to place your order for your copy today!
Also – a little birdie told me that this has arrived also:
Oh and I cannot wait to get started on these quilts!  They are all breathtaking and I’m having a hard time deciding which one to start on first.  Plus, we’ve ordered more fabric to make up kits for a few of these too!
And another little birdie told me that this is arriving today:
We will begin shipping the Club kits for Jo’s Little Women Club #10 out tomorrow as long as my faithful UPS man delivers these as scheduled today!  Only a few of the pre-orders will ship at this time because we have not received all of Jo’s fabric yet, but we will ship them as soon as all the pre-ordered fabrics have arrived also.  We started receiving some of the fabrics from Jo’s various lines last week and I’m assuming more will be appearing this week also!

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