A Fabricologist Resource Center…..

I have a “Fabricologist Resource Center”…..now doesn’t that sound more impressive than “fabric stash”. (author unknown)

I love this quote. Fabricologist Resource Center – can I use that on my homeowners insurance as an impressive title for my hoarding tendencies toward fabrics?  Do you think the insurance company would laugh at me and think I’ve lost my mind?  LOL

Along with a growing stash of fabrics that I love and have no regrets about having, I’ve been building a “resource center” of old quilt blocks, templates, quilt tops, old vintage fabrics etc.

I woke up this morning thinking about these little gems:

I’m assuming these little blocks should be arranged in this fashion.  They remind me of a double wedding ring quilt.  I do not know the name of this pattern, have no templates for the shapes at all.  I received these in a “treasure” box that I purchased on ebay last year.  There were only a couple completed blocks and several cut pieces of fabric.

I like this block, I would love to make a quilt like this some day. I do not need another project right now!  LOL

Anyone out there ever seen a block like this?  Do you know the name of it?  As I looked through my goodie bin this morning searching for these blocks and fabrics (because they were engraved in my brain when I woke up – I wonder if I was having a dream about them – why do I wake up thinking about these!), I just kept wondering about the quilters that made these beauties that I know have.  

5 thoughts on “A Fabricologist Resource Center…..”

  1. Hi Tara,This pattern is probably the Diamond Wedding Ring' Pattern that appeared in the Quilters Newsletter No. 123 (pages 7 & 8) of June 1980. It was published by Bonnie Leman as a 'Pattern Update'.Would you like me to scan you a copy and email it to you? (I live in Australia but I could post you a copy if you would prefer) Cheers from Carol


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