Redware & Harvest Quilt & Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Updates!

Here is a little of what I tinkered around with last night and this morning.  This is Redware & Harvest and is one of the projects in the Jo’s Little Women Club #10 that we are doing as an online group.  Today after I pack orders, answer a few emails and check on fabric orders, I’ll be quilting this one.  I wish I had time to hand quilt it, but I do not believe that is going to happen this time!
If you are thinking about joining the Jo’s Little Women Club – it’s still not to late.  I’m going to be ordering the pattern sets today and I’ll be sure to order a few extras.  Send me an email if you are thinking about joining in the future so we can get a good idea of how many participants we may have. You can join at any time and just jump right in on the fun!
The above quilt will be offered as a kit.  I’m still figuring out the yardage and double checking everything and we will put the kit on the website as soon as possible.

In other exciting news – Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle: Journey #2 is now available on our website!  I’ll be receiving these pattern packets this weekend and will begin to ship those the first part of next week. This little club is sure to be a fun one also!  I’ll begin working on kits as soon as I have our shop packet in hand! I need more time – I want to make everything in this club!
In other news, we are sold out of Spool Block Templates (again!) for the Spoolin’ Around Club.  I placed another order yesterday, so hopefully we will see those very soon also! Also – I’ve ordered more stamp pads and re-inkers.  The stamp pad’s that come with the spool templates generally last throughout the making of a good large sized quilt, but I know several people have joined in on the fun and are sharing the template stamps and have been using other stamp templates by Cindy Blackberg, so we will now also have the Chocolate, White and the Black stamp pads and the re-inkers if you choose just to re-ink your current stamp pads!  Those should be in next week and I’ll list them to the site soon!
Plus – for all you Road To California show go’ers – have fun!  I wish I could visit this show someday – take lots of pictures and post to your blogs!  We love seeing how much fun everyone has at the shows! And good luck to all my “show roadies” friends – I’ll miss not seeing you at this show and vending with you and wish you the best of luck!  (Lucky people – they are enjoying 80 degree weather right now and I’m sitting here in 18 degrees and ice on the roads!  I’m jealous, pure and simple!)
OK, enough jibber, jabber, I must get on with the day!  Have a great day everyone! 
(oh – and if you have not signed up for our newsletter – please do so!  I don’t like to fill my blog constantly with “business” stuff – I want my blog to be fun, but I’m always afraid I’ll miss a few of my quilting friends if I don’t mention things on this blog!  Sign up for the newsletter – I always mention things there that I just do not talk about here! I’ll probably be sending out another issue this Friday or next Monday!)

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