Lonestar Log Cabin Finished!

 Surprisingly – these mitered corners on my quilt went together easily and quickly last night.  Usually mitered corners on small quilts are a breeze for me and then when I do them on larger quilts – I run into a snag or two.  But this time the “quilting Gods” were with me!
And here is the finished quilt top!  I’m loving it!  Please excuse the props you see in the background – photography genius I am not – and my living room is only so big!  This quilt was way to large for me to put up on the design wall and try to take a picture!  I attempted that this morning and could not stand back far enough to get a good picture!  So the living room floor it is and me standing way up on the stair case looking down acting like a monkey hanging over the ledge to get a good picture!  (picture that without laughing!)
I’m getting the backing fabric ready today and then I’ll be shipping this pretty quilt off to the long arm quilter along with 3 other quilt tops that have been sitting here needing a little attention!
Then I think I might just work on a little Jo Morton quilt today if all goes well!  Have a great day!

19 thoughts on “Lonestar Log Cabin Finished!”

  1. Really beautiful! The border really sets it off and you did such a nice job mitering! I tend to just avoid that, and use the excuse that \”that's what they did in the old days\” 🙂


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