Today’s adventure

Well, today finds me having a little more fun on this quilt.  I achieved my personal mini goal yesterday and was able to complete all the log cabin blocks!  Yeah me!
Last night I arranged the upper left corner of the quilt.  I fussy cut a particular stripe fabric I had in my stash to go around the medallion lonestar center and I’m really loving that.  Now, here’s the funny part.  I did not like how that outer border was looking at all to my naked eye. I started thinking, OK Tara – that’s just not going to cut it.  Darn – guess I’ll use it as a backing!
Well, live and learn – how many times have I heard of people taking photos of their quilts and then changing their minds about certain things once they see the digital image??  Tons – now that I’ve taken this photo and looked at it all from a different angle – I’m liking the border fabric again.  Live and learn I guess!
Today, my goal is to complete this section of the quilt.  Then I hope to pull some fabrics to get started on making a sample of one of the Jo’s Little Women Club #10 quilts.  Also, I want to pull some fabrics for one of the quilts from the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Journey #1 club quilts!  Sounds like a pretty busy day to me!  Oh yeah, some hand piecing on those spool blocks again this evening sounds quite enticing with a nice hot cup of tea!

7 thoughts on “Today’s adventure”

  1. You are making great progress on your log cabin blocks. I do that a lot – take a picture to decide it I like something. It's strange how it is hard to tell in person. I wish you well with those little quilts. They are so fun to make!


  2. I think this quilt is going to be fantastic. And I think the border looks wonderful – picks up all the colors from the inside. I do know what you mean about deciding though – I do it all the time. Sometimes I leave it for a day or two and then decide.


  3. I'm loving the fussy cut stripe and the border for your quilt. Great job choosing those fabrics, I think!Can't wait to see what you choose for Jo's club and the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle!Stay cozy, my friend!


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