A Little Bit of Handpiecing……

Today I was able to do a little hand piecing!  I actually had a few moments to sit and stitch.  These template stamps for our “Spoolin’ Around Club” arrived today!
Above is a photo that shows the stamps, the ink pads and the cute little pattern that comes with the stamps!
I was able to stamp out 20 blocks while sitting and helping my children with their homework after school.  Cutting them out was a breeze.  With these stamps, you automatically have the cutting line and the sewing line all there in one step for you!  I hand cut some of mine with scissors and then also cut some using a small ruler and rotary cutter – easy!
Here’s the back side of one of the blocks where you can see the stamp/sewing lines.  These stamps are awesome, I’m seriously considering ordering other shapes (if you are interested in other shapes – let me know and I’ll order them!)!  We have a few sets left, and I just placed an order for more of the spool stamps because they were received a little better than I anticipated!
And here are the fabrics we have chosen for this months fabric packs for the Spoolin’ Around Club! This is going to be one gorgeous scrappy style quilt when we are finished!
I had a lot of fun this afternoon also!  We placed a nice order with Andover to replenish our Jo Morton inventory (we have to be prepared for our Jo’s Little Women Club!!!!  Yeah!).  We ordered complete collections (which we pray we get very soon!) of the following:
Ember Reds & Evergreens
Spice Chest
Indigo Berries
Attic Shirtings
Cocoa Express
Plus we ordered several bolts from every other line that is currently showing on the Andover website. Now, whether we get it all or not is anyone’s guess!  Andover is currently doing inventory, so I hope to hear something in the next week or so about what will be shipped to us and just what fabrics have already been retired.  Boo Hoo….
Plus – we have Hurrah to look forward to this month by Jo and in March we have Toasty (I cannot wait to get my quiltie little hands on this fabric!) and Luminarias.  Then in May we have Carolina coming and July we have Sweet Emilie coming!  It’s going to be a very good year!  Thanks Jo!
Also, in other news – I have to apologize for the little “blip” in ordering on our website today!  Our shopping cart was being updated because the United States Postal Service decided to surprise us with new shipping software for the new year – that didn’t work with our website software!  Lovely…. I know.  So, after a few emails and the kind help of a computer guru (trust me, this little blip went beyond my computer knowledge!)  our shopping cart is back in working order.
Gotta run…. I have the hand piecing “bug” this evening and I want to get back to it!  Have a great evening!

5 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Handpiecing……”

  1. Is Ravenwood the black? Oh goodness….want some of that and hope when it comes in to score some! I'm also very interested in Jo Club #10.Your hand piecing reminds me of many years ago…this is how I first learned to piece only we had the cereal box templates. 🙂


  2. I love your spools, that is a design that I love. I also love how you stamp the lines on. I am tracing mine with a washable pen, takes more time. I have been doing hexagons and pushing to finish it, can't feel my finger anymore, lol. I need to stop stabbing myself.Debbie


  3. oh stamping the blocks would be so much funwhat a wonderful selection of fabrics for the first month installment of this club!all of Jo's new fabrics and OLDER ones coming in very tempting!!!!Can't wait to see your first new little quilt from her club 10 series.Kathie


  4. The spools are very addictive I am now up to 130 with way to many to go.Cindy gave me mine along with the Apple core and Honeycombe Star stamps when I meet up with her on my way to Paducah this year. They are such a great concept. We call them Klosjes her in England only because the dutch started making them.


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