One last Give Away for the year.

I had a bit of a funny moment today.  The mail arrive and a package came for me – I’m waiting on a fun new quilting book and I thought to myself, awesome my new books here – wow, that was fast!  I open the package and out comes a book I had no clue why I was receiving.  I really thought I was losing “it”.  Here I am thinking I ordered this book and forgot I did it!  LOL
Long story short – it was sent to me by mistake. I have no desire to keep this book and the seller on Amazon.com has graciously told me to keep it.  So this will be the last give away for 2010.  It has some really neat purses and bag projects, but in all honesty – it’s something I will probably never put to good use.
21 Sensational Patchwork Bags by Susan Briscoe
Let’s keep this give away kind of fun too.  To be entered for the drawing (which by the way, I’ll pull a name on New Year’s Eve morning around 9 am central time!)  just leave me a comment telling me what your absolute most favorite, can’t live without it quilting notion is.  
Oh – and since the seller on Amazon was so quick in responding to my email and so kind in shipping me the book I ordered out so fast (like today – they answered my email and has shipped it within moments!!!)  and because they told me to just keep this one and enjoy it – I want to share their Amazon.com page with you!  They really have a lot of great books!  Here’s the link:
And in other news, I’ve got a couple more new goodies to add to the website and then I’ll be sending out the last newsletter for 2010.  It’s really been a fun year and I hope for the same in 2011.
Don’t forget, there are only a couple day’s left of our annual year end Sale-A-Bration!

23 thoughts on “One last Give Away for the year.”

  1. Hi Tara,I've been a quilter for many years. My all time favorite tools are still a rotary cutter and pad. I can remember using a paper template and drawing around it for each piece and then cutting it out making sure to leave a seam allowance.I made 11 quilts for Christmas presents. I would still be working if I had not used my rotary cutter.I think the book would be a welcome change from quilts.Betty in MO


  2. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks to Amazon too! My favorite quilting notion is my 1/4 inch foot on my sewing machine but of course I could list a dozen more if I had room.


  3. Omg, I was planning to order this book – wouldn't it be wonderful if it came to me ;-)!Oh, and my most favourite notion is of course my rotary cutter, followed very closely by me Hera markers – I think they are absolutely brilliant.Thank you for this giveaway and have a prosperous and happy New Year!


  4. Happy New Year to you too! That's a tough call, but it would have to be either my rotary cutter or the work lamp a buddy gave me awhile back – my wrists love the one and my eyes love the other!


  5. My favorite quilting tool is a leather thimble – without it my finger would have a permanent hole embedded in the end. (Although I do use my rotary cutter and mat a lot as well…maybe that is my favorite combo of tools!)


  6. Love this book! I've been a hand quilter several years and needing to get some gifts out quickly, starting making bags and have fallen in love with them. Did you know quilting stash can be used for bags also? Awesome! Anyway, my favorite quilting notion is my thimble. I have only one that is perfect and would be lost without it. Thanks for the chance to win and to the link for your Amazon seller. I LOVE Amazon.Happy Stitching!!galegalew417@comcast.net


  7. Okay, it isn't my favorite notion, but since I need one, it is my Clover Seam Ripper. Love the big oval handle, and the sharp, pointed end that seems to slide through those mysteriously wrong stitches.Am I the only one that sews perfect seams when I have no bobbin thread?


  8. My rotary cutter is my favourite tool too BUT if really I am really happy to enjoy is my new Bernina 440, i´m crazy for it.!!Happy New Year to all the sew unique creations friensd!


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