Shelburne Calico Garden Fabric Has Arrived!

We just received the entire collection of this gorgeous reproduction fabric line today!!  And since it has arrived during our Annual End Of The Year sale – it has been listed at 10% off also!

Shelburne Calico Garden
And look at this lovely cheater cloth!

This unique collection is based on a quilt by the same name from accomplished quilt maker Florence Peto.  Florence described the quilt in a letter to the museum in 1951, “It has always been my desire to preserve fascinating old fabrics.”


We now offer Gift Certificates!

Aged Muslin
Back In Stock Now!
Colonial Poison Green & Cheddar

We have sold out of 5 different gorgeous pieces from this collection, but I received confirmation today that they are re-orderable and we should have them by the end of December!  Pre-Orders are open on the pieces we are completely out of.  (So here’s a little tip – if you pre-order those pieces that are currently out of stock now – including the bundles – you will still save 10% during our sale – everything on the website is on sale until January 1st, 2011!)

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