Colonial Poison Green & Cheddar Has Arrived!

Colonies Poison Green & Cheddar Fabrics have arrived!
It feels like we’ve waited forever for this gorgeous collection of 1830’s reproduction fabrics to come!

And to top this off – we have placed this fabric on sale also – along with everything else on our website!
(remember we are having a website wide sale right now!)

All pre-orders for this fabric have shipped!  The website is updated to reflect the remaining inventory of fabric we have on hand!
Also – be sure and check back here tomorrow!  We are going to be having a really fun give-a-way!  It’s easy and free, all ya have to do is place a comment on the give-a-way day and answer the question I ask tomorrow!!
Whew – I’m tired!  I didn’t get any sewing machine time in today, we were busy all day filling the pre-orders for this fabric line!  There’s always hope for tomorrow!  Have a great weekend!

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