Grand Daughter’s Flower Garden Quilt Block Templates

I posted earlier today asking for a little help on the above quilt block that so far – all we know is called Grand Daughters Flower Garden.  Below is a link to a PDF file that I have created that includes templates that we have drafted out this evening for the quilt block.
Also below is some “wording” that I added to the above PDF file and I am providing below to answer any questions that may come up!  Enjoy!
Please note – I have very little information on this quilt block.  I did not design it.  My Aunt has traced this quilt block from an older quilting magazine, and we think it may have been “Quilt” magazine from several years ago.  Her notes from when she traced the pattern states it is a 7″ block.
 I have drafted the pattern out for you.  I have not actually pieced this block yet and I honestly do not know what size it will finished at as my pattern pieces vary slightly from my aunt’s drawing.  While I was drafting the pieces I was trying to keep everything within the same “size” range. With this in mind – all of the pieces for the quilt block can be cut from 1 3/4″ wide strips of fabric.  
Also I need to remind you – I have only drawn the block out and traced the templates for you at this point.  I strongly recommend that if  you are planning to make a quilt using the templates I have provided, that you make a test block first to check for accuracy!!!!  Also check to make sure your printer is set to print at the “actual size” – like I mentioned above – the templates were create to be cut from 1 3/4″ wide strips – if your templates are smaller or larger than that – you need to either re-adjust your printer settings or enlarge or reduce your pattern pieces on a copier.
Also – please note – I am not educated enough in quilting history to claim what I am about to say is 100% accurate according to the block that was originally printed in a magazine – but I honestly believe this quilt block includes the yellow center, the next round of green fabric shown in the photo above, and then finally the third round shown in red above.  I believe the fabrics that I am showing above in shirting prints or off white prints would be the sashing around each of the blocks and not part of the actual quilt block itself.  I know for myself – the outer row shown on the drawing below (shown in the upper right hand corner of the photo below) or in the off white fabrics shown in the photo on the previous page were throwing me off a little when I was trying to research the block itself!
Also, please remember that I have drawn these templates out as a courtesy to you.  I am in no way trying to profit from sharing what information I have about this quilt block or any templates I am sharing with you and I ask out of respect that you do the same – share with others and do not attempt to copy this information to profit from it!  Thank you!
PS – let’s all try to learn from this.  There are several people that I am aware of that are interested in learning more about this quilt block and its history.  If you know of anything or can locate which quilt magazine it appeared in, please let us know so that we can share it with others!  You can email me at sewunique7@aol.com

7 thoughts on “Grand Daughter’s Flower Garden Quilt Block Templates”

  1. I like this block a lot. As far as the pattern is concerned, have you tried contacting Barbara Brackman – a quilt historian and textile expert extraordinaire! She has published books detailing thousands of blocks and has researched their origins and names. She regularly writes small articles on her blog with very interesting, concise and very much to the point information on most diverse topics related to material culture. Please, visit her blog athttp://barbarabrackman.blogspot.com/I hope this is helpful. Merry Christmas!


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