I Have a Challenge For Everyone!

OK – here is a photograph/drawing of a quilt block called Grand Daughters Flower Garden. Here is the only information I have so far on this block:

7″ finished size, came from an older issue of a quilt magazine – Possibly “Quilt” Magazine itself. My Aunt traced this out of the magazine that she borrowed from a friend a few years ago, so we have no way to get the magazine itself anymore to narrow down “just what” magazine it was!

I cannot locate any block by this name on the internet or in 2 of the book sources I use the most. I love a good mystery!

Let’s put our thinking caps on today and see if anyone out there has any information on this block! Help! I have to fill orders today, but later on this evening, I plan on researching this quilt block more and seeing if I can draft up a pattern. It looks like a really good challenging quilt block to make!


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