Home For The Holidays Blog Hop Day #10

Welcome to our special little day on the
Home For The Holidays Blog Hop 2010!!!!
Here I am – the 10th Blogger on this fun little hop that we’ve been running through for the past month!  All those yummy cookie recipes and fabulous patterns that have been posted so far!  Wow – I’m in good company! Thanks Ms. Stacy of Buttermilk Basin for organizing this little hop – you rock girl!

Here in our neck of the woods, Christmas time is such a fun time for us.  We have fun traditions here and there and one that is our favorite is the “annual” putting up the Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!  Now, I’ll admit, this year we slacked off a wee bit because we were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we jumped right on the whole Christmas decorating thing when we got back home – well I did – my children are at a “certain teen age” where it’s just not a cool thing so much anymore!  But as soon as I started decorating – the kids started getting in the spirit a little here and there!

Now if I can just keep pestering my husband just a little more – I bet the lights will be up on our house this weekend!  (Our house looks “naked” without the Christmas lights compared to the neighbors!  LOL)

I love snowmen – so I toss a few of those here and there around the house for added holiday cheer!

But the one new addition to my snowman decorating theme this year is this:

And this little Snow Pennyrug shown above my friends is my gift to you.  This is our free pattern for the blog hop and we hope you enjoy it! Here’s your link to the PDF file for you to print and enjoy:

Snow Pennyrug Pattern

I’ll get to decorating the big Christmas tree this weekend, but here’s a picture of last years tree after Santa had arrived late at night on Christmas Eve!

but for now I need to go bake another batch of these:

Surprise Package Cookies – here at our house, my husband and my kids really enjoy these cookies and they are begging for more.

Another fun holiday tradition (among many!) that we have is to venture off to Indiana on Christmas Eve to spend the afternoon and evening with my parents.  There we have a nice dinner, open presents and chit chat. It seems like every year when we leave there and start heading for home – it snows.  I wonder if this year will be any different! Here’s a little picture of my kids last year opening their presents from Grammy and Pappa!

Are they not cute!

Christmas Day itself is always a treat having children at home!  They are growing up so quickly on us, but they know – you have to believe in Santa for Santa to come and leave you presents!  After our morning of fun opening Christmas gifts, I get hard to work in the kitchen, cooking up a huge meal for my family and my husbands family and anyone else that shows up.  We usually end up with a dozen or more, all gathered around the dinner table feasting on all the goodies!

Christmas is a time of family fun here in our home, see even our dog Harley gets in the Christmas spirit!

 And of course we cannot finish this blog post without announcing our annual special holiday gift for you.

Oh and wait – I have another special “something” for you!  For the next two Fridays prior to Christmas Eve (which would be December 10th and 17th) we will be posting another free pattern on each of those days!  How fun is that?  Each free pattern will be holiday oriented to help you finish decorating for the season!  So be sure and follow along on our blog to see the other free patterns that are coming soon!

Remember how I’ve been hinting around for days now in my newsletters, here on the blog and on FaceBook about a special surprise on our website?  (if you have not signed up for our newsletter yet – what are you waiting for!  You can sign up at the very end of this blog post!)

Here it is…..

The Big Announcement…..

It’s our:

Our entire website is now on sale starting today, December 3, 2010 at 12:01 AM and ending on New Year’s Day 2011 at midnight.  For those of you that are “new” to our blog, in the past we have always had an annual sale on our website starting after Thanksgiving.  This year it took us a wee bit longer to clean the website up, but it’s all ready to go now for your shopping pleasure!  Here’s some details!
(Our sale applies to all in stock items only!)

So, we hope we have made your day a good one, we hope you enjoy the free pattern, cookie recipe and invite you to our sale on our website!  Now, stop reading and go check it out!

Oh and don’t forget to keep following along – we have 2 more people on this Blog Hop! Here’s the line up with links to all the Blogs in case you’ve missed any of us! 

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32 thoughts on “Home For The Holidays Blog Hop Day #10”

  1. Wow! What a great post! The kiddos are adorable! The cookies look yummy and I can't wait to make the snowman penny rug!Thank you so much for sharing!Happy Holidays!


  2. thanks you for a wonderful design and a clear pdf-file. Your christmas tree with packages looks a lot like our sinterklaas-evening, but without the tree ;-). Love the pictures of cookies and kids.


  3. Your \”teaser\” yesterday was quite enticing. Love the snowman penny rug. I have a nice stash of wool/ felt so I can make a \”few.\” Thank you for sharing your holiday prep and traditions, as well as the cookie recipe. Now I'm all set to shop the sale!


  4. Wowsers!!! love the pattern and recipe!! What fun you have at your house at Christmas!! Thank you so much for the wonderful pattern!! That is definitely on my to-do list!! I also have signed up for your mailing list!!!Happy holiday!!!


  5. Cant wait to make the Snowman Penny. I would love to know the colors of wool that you used or even if there is going to be a kit for that one. Thanks for sharing this pattern and the cookie reciepe.


  6. Tara, thank you for the adorable pattern, I am a snowman collector, so you know I will be making this! And a sale….may have to go shopping later on today! Your cookies remind me of the Santa's Surprises that my daughter and I make, we put a miniature Snicker candy bar in the middle…yummy!


  7. This blog hop has been a great way to find other fab blogs and I'm glad to have found yours!Thanks for such a gorgeous pattern – I can't wait to sew one up!Best wishesChristine


  8. Just wanted to say a great big 'THANK YOU' for that darling snowman penny rug pattern! Can't wait to make him! The cookies look delish too!If I'm not mistaken, I have several of your craft patterns from yrs. ago. You design such cute patterns!!Thanks again and I can't wait to see the other freebies!Tanya~friendshipcrossing.blogspot.com


  9. Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas with us-sure sounds fun:)Love your penny wool pattern and I can't wait to get time to make it now-I am such a wool addict!!Glad to have found your blog:)Shazy x


  10. Great blog post Tara!!! Loved it all. Those cookies were calling my name though. I need to walk away from the cookie jar though and it's only the 3rd of Dec. I'm in big trouble. Thank you for the wool mat pattern. That is adorable. I'll be making up some of those for gifts but next year. lol Hugs


  11. Soooo cute, the little penny rug! Thanks so much. And, thanks too, for the recipe. Might have to try it next weekend! Merry Christmas, and thanks for doing the Holiday Blog hop…I've really enjoyed all of the ideas and creativity!


  12. I love your snowman penny rug project. I have just started playing with wool, and I love it. Snowman are my favorite, so this is right up my alley! Thank you for sharing your project and recipe. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


  13. What a cute penny rug pattern. I had trouble printing out the pattern pieces first go but finally figured out how to get the whole thing to print. I need to check my wool supply to see if I have what is needed.


  14. Just to let you know that I made the snowman mat last evening and have just posted a picture on my blog. Thank you so much for the pattern. I enjoyed making it.


  15. I truly believe your snowman mat was designed just for me! I love this! I have snowman all over my home, leave them out all year I love them so much! Thank you so much for sharing! I will treasure this one!


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