Grace’s Dowry Shirtings Have Arrived!

Grace’s Dowry Shirtings
just arrived this afternoon!  Wow – just in time for Houston Quilt Festival Too!  There are 21 shirting pieces in this collection and they are just yummy!  We have our normal Fat Eighth, Fat Quarter and Half Yard Bundles available. You can view those here:

Take me to Grace’s Dowry Fabrics!

We have already begun packing up to leave for the show, but since this fabric just arrived, we are cutting it up into bundles before we go.  If you order bundles or yardage of this fabric collection today or tomorrow (October 26 and 27) we will ship it before we leave for Houston.  After that – I’m really sorry, but we have to get it packed up!  Also on this same note, all of our “other” fabric yardage is already packed in the trailer for this journey to Houston, so at this time we cannot cut any other yardage and ship it with the Grace’s Dowry fabric.  We can still get to other bundles or collections of fat quarters and fat eighths if you order those, but the yardage is packed up tightly in boxes – We’re so sorry!

We will have our laptop with us while in Houston.  We will be updating the website every evening and removing items that have already sold out.  Also – as orders come in through the day while we are away from the office, we will also be pulling inventory from the show booth if it’s still available to fill your order if you place one while we are in Houston.  We cannot ship any orders out until we return and those orders will begin to ship on November 10th in the order they were received.

If you have a moment, say a little prayer this evening for my friends and fellow quilters en route to Quilt Market.  Many people in the quilting industry are traveling to Houston right now for Quilt Market and Festival.  The weather is horrible outside, winds are howling madly and fiercely and the rain is coming and going.  From what I’ve read, there have been several tornadoes also.  Keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels.

Happy Quilting and I’ll miss ya’ll while we are gone!  I really enjoy emailing with each of you, FaceBooking and chatting through the blog.  I might not answer your emails or messages as quickly while we are gone, but will get to it eventually! 

And don’t forget – if you are coming to Houston Quilt Festival, be sure and stop by and say Hi!  My dear husband will be with us at this show and he’s a “newbie” to quilt shows so be gentle with him!!!! Booth #2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019!  (Wow – a quad booth – we must be nuts!)

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