Grandma’s Last Quilt

I ordered a really fun looking book last week and it came yesterday!  I love it!
This is Grandma’s Last Quilt.  That is also the title of the book and it is from the editors of Traditional Quiltworks magazine.  You know how I’ve been going through a lot of my older quilt magazine – well this is how I found out about this book – an ad in one of them!  I was able to locate it through amazon.com
Here’s the front cover of the book:
Here’s a little info on it:
Traditional and Original Applique designs by Blanche Burkett White. (1895 – 1978)
Born near Cedarvale, Kansas, Blanche Burkett White was well-known locally for her exquisite workmanship. Now you can make a replica of Blanche’s final, outstanding quilt. 
Full size patterns are included and the blocks finish at 17″ square.
It’s a beauty that’s for sure!

And here’s a neat link to a blog I just found where this blogger is talking about the same quilt!

Quilts – Vintage and Antique

The show this past weekend was a lot of fun.  I’m working on editing the photos I took and I’ll upload those as soon as I work my way through them!

3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Last Quilt”

  1. Beautiful Quilt! Thanks for the link to the other site it had some amazing pics of the quilt.I associate antique applique with Baltimore Album quilts but what I don't like of Baltimore quilts is the blocks that are three dimensional. This quilt has the feel of a Baltimore but is not weighed down with embellishments. Just straightforward Applique makes this one gorgeous!


  2. I have that book! I love it! Haven't done any of it yet, but that doesn't mean it's not on the 'to-do' list! I think the colors used in it are gorgeous!


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