Annandale Fabric by Jo Morton

Well, Annandale this gorgeous collection by Jo Morton
Might be here by this coming Friday.  I knew this fabric was hitting the quilt shops yesterday after our phones and our email box were being filled with calls basically like this “Is Annandale there yet?”  People were so excited, wanting to know if we had gotten our goodies yet!
Well, by around 2 in the afternoon our UPS man had come and gone for the day. I was so sad, I even asked the poor man in brown to double check his truck because I should have about 4 more boxes.  But alas, no more were to be found.
I called Andover in a panic and was told there was a computer glitch.
Uh oh..
So this morning I spoke with my fabric rep and the owner of Andover.  And this is just how great Andover is – our Annandale line of fabric is shipping out today.  If we are lucky we could see it this Friday.  If not probably Monday.  I’ll know more later if I can get the tracking number on the packages.
Computer glitches do happen – It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again.  The important thing is (and this is why I love working with Andover so much) the problem was found and immediately fixed within minutes I knew the fabric would ship today – complete and not in pieces.
Now, the next dilemma we have.  Friday evening I leave to set up for a local quilt show.  If the fabric arrives in the afternoon I will cut fabric as quickly as possible and get everything ready to ship for pre-orders.  Saturday and Sunday I have the quilt show.  By some miracle, I can sit and fold and package everyone’s pre-orders Friday afternoon before I leave and Saturday during the show.  What I cannot ship out of here by Saturday, I will leave for my helper to ship on Monday – because I leave Sunday directly from my local quilt show to start driving to Des Moines for the AQS quilt show!  See how crazy busy this is going to be!  If need be, I will take packages with me and ship them from my hotel.  I will get these pre-orders out!
Which brings me to this – if Annandale does not arrive on Friday, it will be here on Monday and I will be long gone for a complete week.  No help will be in our offices that can cut and package fabric orders, so the orders will have to wait to ship out until we arrive home on October 11th – which is postal holiday!  Mercy  – what else can hold this fabric up!

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