The Compass Rose Quilt

Kathie Holland of Inspired By Antique Quilts has done it again. She wrote another inspiring blog post earlier this week and had a lot of us drooling over oodles of red and green and baltimore quilts.  She is the queen of resources and deserves a crown.  Wow – be sure to check her blog out if you don’t already! (And Kathie – I’m still eyeing your quilt book and pattern collections!)
The evening after I read her post, I was thumbing through old quilt magazines again – I’m on this kick lately.  I found this quilt and thought I would post it today, keeping with the red and green dream quilts that we all wish to make in out futures!
Here’s a little info from this article that can be located in the Fall 1989 issue of Quilts Magazine….
Dream on , dream on, quilters everywhere. We all dream of making that once-in-a lifetime quilted heirloom…a wonderful quilt that that will challenge our abilities and show forth our very best efforts, The Compass Rose quilt is just this kind of challenge!

This beautiful antique heirloom quilt was made over a hundred years ago. The work of this unknown stitcher’s hand is a beauty to behold. Twelve large applique blocks are centered with the well known Rose Of Sharon flower.  The compass points, swag edging and glittering red and gold stars contained within seem to be the product of the quilter’s imagination. The border is a beautiful curving vine with large blossoms and leaves that complement and frame the quilt perfectly.
The pattern for this quilt is included in the magazine!
I’m off this morning to enjoy the first day of our local quilt guild show.  It was a long day setting up my booth yesterday for sure.
Congratulations also to Dave and Krista Darr – they welcomed Kali Sue Darr last night into the world and I became an Auntie again!

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