Pennsylvania Sampler Quilt

Isn’t this a gorgeous sampler quilt!!  I found this quilt in the 1999 issue of Sampler Quilts magazine produced by Quilt magazine.  The article states it is a century old sampler quilt that is still bright and cheery due to the fact that it had been stored away in an attic trunk for years before being discovered.  Oh how I wish I could have been the one to discover it!  It’s gorgeous!  Look at those neat blocks and the cheddar fabric!
Speaking of cheddar fabric, we have ordered a new cheddar solid fabric to carry on our website as the cheddar solid we have carried in the past has been discontinued.  We will now have this one:
This is a Kona cotton and should arrive next week.  We have already uploaded it on our website and you can pre-order yardage if you would like here:
Now, back to that quilt —- here is one of the quilt blocks in the sampler quilt.  It’s called Six Point Star Puzzle.
I will make this block in my lifetime.  I love it!  I really like the fabrics the quiltmaker used also – I could only dream of ever finding vintage fabrics like these at an auction or estate sale.  Look at it – is that not awesome!
And in other news, we have re-ordered the entire line of Reflections Of An Era Past by Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts.  I just received word that all the bolts will ship out tomorrow, which means we will have all those gorgeous fabrics next week!  So – the entire fabric line is now available on our website again on Pre-Order. Your credit card will not be charged until the fabric has safely arrived here, cut and is on it’s way to you!

If you would like to view each of these fabrics click on this link:
Also, our inventory on a few of the A Journey Through Time fabrics by Judie Rothermel are running low.  Particularly these 3 pieces
So, I have placed an order for more of those and a few of the other great pieces from this collection.
Those fabrics should be here the first week in October.  Each of the above 3 mentioned fabrics, we do have a little fabric remaining.  If you would like more yardage than what is available, you can pre-order that also.  Each of the fabrics on our web-site will tell you how much fabric is remaining if you care to have any of it now!  You can view this fabric here:
And the much anticipated Annandale line from Jo Morton has not yet arrived, I’m sad too and really wanting this fabric to get here! 
We are expecting it any day now, I spoke with Andover last week and was told it was shipping the last week of September.  You can pre-order yardage or bundles of fabric now if you would like.  You can view that fabric line here:
I’m off to finish packing the trailer for this weekends quilt show we are vending at.  It’s very hot and humid here today and I keep putting it off, but it’s not going to get any cooler!! 

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