Newlsetter Sign Up!!!

Good Morning again!
I received an email earlier this week asking if I had some sort of email notification system that people could sign up for to be notified when new fabrics arrive (it was a nice little email and thank you very much for keeping me on my toes!)

We always have had an email newsletter sign up, granted over the years it’s become buried on our home page amongst other things and as I looked at the page – I realized it was probably really hard to find!

So, we’ve moved the newsletter sign up area more toward the top of our home page. Right underneath this image of our most recent design that appeared in American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine!

We just sent out a newsletter this morning – if you didn’t get it – well that means you are not on our list!  So here’s a link to go sign up!
And I will admit, in the past I’ve not been one to send out many newsletters – maybe 2 a year at the most! So I’m going to do a little better with this now on top of blogging and FaceBooking – I’ll send out notifications when new goodies arrive!!!!  And speaking of FaceBook – are you there?  If you “FaceBook” come find me here:

Sew Unique Creations on Facebook

(if the link to our FaceBook gives you trouble – just type in Sew Unique Creations in the search box located at the top of your FaceBook page!!)

And we hope you have a great weekend just like these cuties!

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