A Journey Through Time fabric by Judie Rothermel

The day couldn’t get any better than this!  Look what the nice Fed Ex man just dropped off:

Was that not the nicest present that man could have brought us? 

I think I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of today after I’ve filled orders – yes, cutting more fabric!  That’s a good thing!

You can view the entire collection and the bundles available at the following link:

1 thought on “A Journey Through Time fabric by Judie Rothermel”

  1. You do indeed have a lot of wonderful fabric! Your blog is a pleasure to read. Yesterday I ordered the new Civil War book from Fat Quarter Shop. Can't wait to see the fabric line that will come with it. I know I must buy at least the cheddar sashing! See my blog if you want to, I made a post on this book.


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