Poison Green & Chrome Yellow Civil War Ladies Fabric

See these 2 little fabric gems?  Well – we completely ran out of this awesome Poison Green this past weekend and the Chrome Yellow we only had a few yards left.  Well – I just place an order for more of both!  They both will be back in stock by the end of this week! Are they not gorgeous!

Also – we will be getting the following fabrics in soon and I’m going to be updating the website today so you can view swatches of each of the fabrics arriving!

Grace’s Dowry Shirtings
Early Elegance
Colonial Poison Green and Cheddar
Miniatures 1860 – 1890
Little Quilts – Shirtings Favorites and More

2 thoughts on “Poison Green & Chrome Yellow Civil War Ladies Fabric”

  1. Tara so glad you're getting more! I used the last little bit of mine and need more! I know just where to go for it now! Whew! Will be looking forward to the other new things as well!


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