Name That Quilt Pattern!!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  Ours here in this neck of the woods was nice and calm and fun!
All right – I need your help again!!!  Above is a photo of a quilt I took 2 years ago.  This quilt was hanging in an antique quilt dealers booth and now I’m searching for the pattern!  Of course I can’t remember the dealers name. Any clue what this pattern is called?  It really would not be hard to figure out – but if there is a pattern out there – I need to find it!

1 thought on “Name That Quilt Pattern!!!”

  1. dear tara lynn,i found a quilt with just this pattern in the book \”wisconsin quilts\”history in the stitches,byellen kort.the name of the pattern is :desert flower.have a nice day,susi


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