Shipshewana Quilt Festival

Well, well – I have a little friend here that is my booth neighbor in Columbus, Ohio at the NQA Quilt Show and she has rented a building in Shipshewana next week during the quilt show.  And here’s the exciting news – she invited me to vend in the building with here!!
Yahoo! Shipshewana – here I come!
I would love for you to stop and see us at Spector’s Store which is right across the street from Yoder’s Department Store! Talk about a great location!  Cindy from Cindy’s Antique Quilts will be there with all her goodies – antique quilts, quilt tops, quilt pieces and blocks, antique fabrics and notions and all kinds of goodies.  And then me – with all my reproduction yumminess! I’ll be loading the trailer up with all kinds of goodies – and tons of bolts of fabrics, a lot of which will be on sale to help clear out the stock room and make room for all the other treasures I have coming in the next few months!  So, if you’re reading this little old blog of mine and come over and see us at Spector’s – I’ll give you one free pattern of your choice just for mentioning my blog!  That’s how much I like you all!  :O} (one freebie per person please, let’s play nice….)
Here’s a link to the main Quilt Festival page:
We will be setting up for the show this coming Tuesday and open on Wednesday at Spectors.  Our store hours will be 9 am to 5 pm daily and on Saturday we have shortened hours and have to be out of the building by 3 pm – so I’m guessing we’ll have to start packing up around noon or so that day.
So, if you have even been thinking the tiniest bit about heading out to Shipshewana next week – you just gotta come.  There are so many different quilt related activities and vendors and even a Quilt Shop Hop going on in the area – it’s just unbelievable!
And of course, we’ll be swappin’ charm squares there too, so bring your charm squares and I’ll swap there at the show with you!  I’m really having a good time swapping charms here in Columbus!
I’ve taken pictures of about 1/2 the quilts so far and cannot wait to share them with you!!!! The quilts here in Columbus are amazing, the people are wonderful, the weather is sunny and we are just having a blast!  The booth looked like a tornado hit it today, but that’s ok – I’ll go in early tomorrow and clean!

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