NQA Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio!

 We arrived in Columbus, Ohio yesterday and unloaded the trailer in the steamy, hot weather!  The show opens later this evening – so I better get crackin’ today and get my booth set up!  For those of you coming to the show – be sure to stop by our booth – #843

Click on the  link above and it will take you to NQA’s website and you can see all about the show!
I’ll try to remember to take my camera with me today so I can take some before and after shots of setting the booth up.  Last night after I finished unloading the trailer I was so hot and sweaty, I couldn’t stand the thought of touching any quilts or fabric and so I left this huge pile of “stuff” just sitting in the booth. While I was standing there catching my breath, I just had to laugh — what a huge pile of “stuff” I brought in!  Goodness, hope it all fits in that booth – I really need to get a bigger booth size from now on!
Don’t forget about my little charm square exchange going on right now!  If you missed out on that, read the post from a couple days ago – I’ve heard some pretty funny stories so far about ugly fabrics and I’ve got a good amount of people swapping with me so far!  Bring on the charms folks!
Have a great day!

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