Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Also on our journey to market in Minneapolis we visited a friend along the way that happened to live in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We enjoyed an evening boat ride, a great nights sleep in her grandkids comfy northwoods style beds (and yes, I was the guinea pig that slept on the top bunk – pictures of that episode to follow if I can get Debbie to send me a copy!) and then a nice quiet boat ride the next morning prior to leaving to finish off our drive into Minnesota.
Our friend is Debbie Field, owner of Granola Girl Designs and you can visit her website here:

Enjoy the photos!

The front view of Debbie’s beautiful lakeside retreat!
The backside view of Debbie’s home from the lake.
Debbie’s grandkids playhouse – I wanted to jump right in there and play house myself!
I love how this photo turned out.  This was taken during our evening boat ride and the reflection of the trees on the water was wonderful!
See the momma duck in the above photo?  She’s sitting on her eggs!
This is a Loon doing his little water dance.
This was our view of the lake on our morning boat ride.

And before I forget to mention – I wanted to give a little “shout out” to Doug from Kona Bay Fabrics!  Thanks for visiting our blog Doug and thanks for your kind comments on our Quilt Market Photos!  Bloggers – if you have not checked out Kona Bays fabrics and their newest things coming out – be sure to visit www.konabay.com and their blog at Kona Bay Fabrics Blog!

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