Primitive Gatherings

I finally made it to Primitive Gatherings Quilt shop. In all of my traveling around – I had never been here yet – until a couple weeks ago before Quilt Market.  It was awesome – I could have stayed all day – I could have moved in there and lived forever.  Now I understand and agree with everyone else that is in love with this quilt shop.  Wow – enough said.

The full view of the front of the shop.
Don’t we make a cute bunch!  LOL – That’s Lisa and Nick on the left, me in the center, then Kathy and Linda.  
Seriously – if you have not been here – go!  You can visit their website at:
They had some of the most gorgeous fabrics, the best kits and of course the best new book that just came out!  I bought a bunch of kits to work on while I travel around and things to do while camping this summer.  Then – they had the neatest packages of pre-cut fabrics!  5″ charm square packs, 2 1/2″ square packs, tumblers and hexagon – OMYGosh!  You just couldn’t resist buying them!  
I bought a couple of Schnibbles patterns that they had models made up for and the companion charm packs and the cute little border and binding kits.  Miss Carrie Nelson – if you are reading this – you should see the samples of your quilt patterns in their shop!  They did you proud Carrie!  I’ll be making your goodies come this winter when I go into hibernation!
And let me tell you this – their employees are great!  Each of them were so kind and friendly!  Miss Carol was a hoot as usual!  LOL
Go visit their website and get the new book – it’s very drool worthy……

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