Our Booth In Paducah!

Well, good morning everyone!  I realized late last night that I have been a little quiet on my blog!  I am busy getting ready for quilt market as is the rest of the quilting industry.  I have been working on finishing up my final design for this show – a cute smaller blue and white basket quilt!  Maybe if my feeble mind can remember – I’ll take a pic of one of the blocks later on and give you all a sneak peek!

Lots of people have been asking if I took any pictures of my booth in Paducah.  Yes – we did!  And those are the only pictures I have of the entire show in Paducah.  I never made it outside the Kentucky Oaks Mall to see any of the rest of the show.  Sad but true…. Did we ever have fun in Paducah though!  Well worth it!

Here is a picture of my triple booth in Paducah on day four – which would have been Friday.  This was the first day I actually remembered to take pictures and it’s looking rather bare in the booth!  This was taken first thing in the morning prior to my cleaning up a bit also!

2 thoughts on “Our Booth In Paducah!”

  1. Wow, looks like a great, fun trip. Doesn't the booth looking a little bare mean it was a really good thing for you! ! ! Glad to hear you had a good time!


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