Cocoa Express Has Arrived!

Just another quickie post – Cocoa Express arrived while we were in Paducah!  It is absolutely gorgeous!  Yummy browns – I’m drooling here!!!! I want to sit and sew!  You can view the fabrics here:

Anyhow – we are busy packing orders from while we were away at the shows.  All orders placed during the past 2 weeks will all be shipped starting today and everything should be on it’s way by this Friday, April 30th!

Also we have switched phone services.  Our phone number remains the same, but I have lost all voicemails that were left for us between April 17th through the 25th.  We were not able to retrieve them prior to the switch.  So, if you left us a message during this time – please call again or email – we are not ignoring you!  The old phone carrier had continually been giving us problems, so now the problem is solved!

Enjoy your day!

3 thoughts on “Cocoa Express Has Arrived!”

  1. Cocoa Express is beautiful. I just found your blog through Red Geranium Cottage and I've become a follower. I could only dream of owning a quilt shop – all that fabric to be mine, mine, mine. Oh wait, I would have to cut and sell some of it, right? I could almost open a quilt shop in my own home. Will check in often. Have a great day! I live in Kentucky and have never been to Paducah – that must be remedied next year. How far away is Joliet from Paducah?galew417@comcast.net


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