Bye, Bye Chicago and another new pattern!

Well, I’m a little un-decided right now.  Just got word that this is going to be the last year for Chicago to host the International Spring Quilt Festival.  What a shame but I guess the terrible parking that is available and the high price to park where you can find a spot plus the 10% sales tax has just gotten to be to much.  Plus the fact that their are very few places to eat at without getting into a vehicle and driving to a location really added to the negatives.
I’m upset the show is moving.  This is the most “convenient” larger show for me to do – I get to come home every night after the show and sleep in my own bed.  I get to see my children every day while doing the show and see them off on the school bus in the morning and home in time to tuck them in at night. Plus the benefit of bringing more stock in everyday was also nice.  OK –  those are mostly selfish reasons, but they are true! Plus – I get to see so many of my friends at this show!
So, next year we move on to Cincinnati, Ohio.  April 8 – 10, 2011.  Hello Buckeyes!  I hope I can make this new location work.  I’m really not sure how yet, but if I am meant to go to Cincinnati next April I guess I’ll figure it out!  I may need to beg a couple family members (hint, hint) to come help me if I make it to this venue, I’m not sure if I can wing it on my own!
So my fellow blogging friends – if you in any way can make it to the show this week in Chicago, please do so.  It will be your last chance to enjoy this awesome venue here.  The show starts at 5 pm this Tuesday the 15th and closes at 9 pm on this evening.  Then is open Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.
Let’s make the final year in Chicago a blast!
I finished up another new pattern earlier today – actually it’s an updated version of a pattern we released 3 years ago.  This is called Mountain Trails

We have kits for both the red version and the blue version also.
You can view the pattern here:
and the kits here:
This will be all the new goodies that I will have for a few more weeks.  After I get past these 2 large shows, then I’m back home and finishing up the other new projects I have in progress for quilt market!
The Butter Churn and Cheddar fabric arrived today. I have all the bundles ready to go for the shows!  I didn’t have time to upload those fabrics yet to the website, but if you are coming to the show – I’ll have them there!  I’ll try to get them on the website ASAP!

3 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Chicago and another new pattern!”

  1. Sorry to hear the venue is moving away from you, but i'll admit I was a bit thrilled when you said Cincinnati. I travel there for work which means that I'll be able to go to the show next year!


  2. I'm thrilled to read that the show is coming to Cincinnati. My DD#2 lives there and this year a new baby girl arrives. I hope I can attend as I've never been before … it sounds wonderful.


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