3 New Pattern Designs!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in our neck of the woods.  The boys all snuck off on me and went dirt bike riding and my daughter is having a little girlie time with her friend.  So, I went outside this morning and finished shooting the pictures for 3 of our latest designs!

Here is the 3 newest ones (with another 1 or 2 to come soon if I can get moving on them!  LOL)

Above is #403 Shenandoah Valley
 This is #402 Old Rag Mountain
This is #401 Appalachian Trail
I’ve got all the new patterns listed on the website and you can find those here:
I’m working on adding these latest three pattern kits also!  I should have that uploaded on the website in just a few moments and you will find the kits here:
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these 3 new patterns – I would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “3 New Pattern Designs!”

  1. Ag!! What are you doing to me? I never was a red, black and cream gal but honestly? you have me collecting like a mad woman. I was groaning to my daughter that I would need to start re-collecting red, black and creams (cut my two-piece puzzle this weekend) when I saw you kit Shenandoah Valley! She says, \”You see Mom, no need to collect, just get the kit!!\” LOL! I love her, she is always looking out for my sanity! All of your new quilts are gorgeous but Shenandoah Valley is my favorite it mixes two of my favorite patterns, stars and pinwheels. I got the kit already on your site's wish list! Have a great time at the show this weekend.


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