Name This Quilt Pattern

OK, the last show I did was in Valparaiso, Indiana and was put on by the String A Long Quilt Guild.  Great show – if you are close to that area, be sure to go to their next show in 2012!

Here is a quilt that I love and think would be so great and quick to piece.  The nine patches I could whip up on the sewing machine and use fabrics from my scrap basket.  Then I’m thinking the actual assembly of the quilt top would be a great hand piecing project while I’m on the road doing quilt shows!

So, here’s the question of the day – Anyone have any idea what this quilt pattern is called? I’m sure I could draw it out in EQ 6, but I would really love to know the name of the pattern!

2 thoughts on “Name This Quilt Pattern”

  1. Hi Tara…I know this pattern — it's called Jack's Chain. It's very clever, I think, when a pattern is constructed with only straight pieces, but has a curvy or circular feel to it (like Kaleidoscope or Storm at Sea).


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