Two of my favorite Quiltie Things….

One of my favorite quilting gadgets is……

This is the Triangulations CD by Bear Paw Productions and I’ve been in love with this gadget since I bought it.  Money well spent.  I can print of 1/2 square and 1/4 square triangles anytime I want and in the amount I want.  Love this product – if you have not tried it – go get it!

Along with this CD I print my 1/2 square or 1/4 square triangles on this paper…..

This is Carol Doak’s Foundation paper created by none other than Carol Doak herself!  Love this stuff too!  It comes 100 sheets to a pack and I keep this on hand all the time.  I also use this paper to print of my little bitty Dear Jane blocks that I’m going to paper piece!

I just printed off 20 sheets of 1 1/2″ finished size 1/2 square triangles and I’m off to sew until I can’t hold my eyes open anymore!  Just wanted to share these nifty gadgets with everyone!

Oh – and for those of you that prefer not to print your own papers – I’m patiently waiting on an order of 1/2 square triangle paper packs that I’ll be uploading to the website for sale as soon as they arrive!  We have 1/2″ up to 3″ packets on the way!

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