Turkey Tracks Quilt


Here’s another cutie!  This little quilt was designed by Lisa Bongean who owns Primitive Gatherings.  I bought this as a kit at International Quilt Festival in Houston this past October.  The book that the pattern is in is sold seperately and so worth getting.  The books name is Autumn Splendor.

From reading Lisa’s blog yesterday they will be arriving in California today to exhibit at the Road To California show!  Oh how I wish I could be there!

Be sure to check out her blog – she always has awesome and inspiring pictures there.  She posted her booth display yesterday – so go take a sneak peek all you lucky Road to Cali goers and see what you are about to see!!!  Lucky you!

This little Turkey Tracks quilt was actually finished up right before Christmas.  It finishes at 15″ square and I just love this little gem.  The piecing went quickly and was just a lot of fun to do and I soooooo love the colors.  It’s now hanging on my “to be finished soon” design wall.  It needs quilted and bound – again – someday I will get to all this!

Oh and speaking of finishing things – I’m tickled to death.  I have my first longarm lesson on Monday the 25th of this month.  Yes!!!!  I’ve held onto this little flier of information from a local “in-home” quilt shop in this area that rents “Sally” the longarm out for use.  In fact – I met the owner about a year ago and she gave me a flier then – that’s how badly I want to learn to longarm and proof of how busy I have been!  That’s sad that I have to admit I can’t even take a few hours time to do something just for me and learn to longarm and the fact it took over a year!  So I’ll be taking my first lesson at the end of this month and plan on scheduling time from there on out.  I really, really want a longarm machine so bad I can taste it – but one – I do not have the room for it – and two – Ouch – they are not cheap!

Now for a busy day ahead of working on a new quilt design using some of the new yummy Civil War Homefront by Barbara Brackman.  We do not have the fabric on the website yet, I have to get this quilt finished and then create kits for it for upcoming quilt shows and then I’ll be listing the fabric.  Hopefully I can get more of the collection in  – as of right now I only ordered 14 of the pieces and they are just so pretty!

Then tonight it’s on to guild meeting.  I’ll try to remember to bring my camera as Monique from Open Gate Quilts is our speaker!

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