Travels To Indiana….

This past weekend we snuck off for a little while.  We journeyed to Indianapolis for the AMA Supercross race at Lucas Oil Stadium.  My daughter and I were prepared to sit through hours of this with my son and husband:

Well, I decided that since the “girl” and I were traveling that far to be with “the boys” – we had to sneak off for a little girlie fun on our own prior to the race while they were sitting in the stadium soaking up the qualifying show and all the other pre-race stuff.

The “girl” and I went here:

  and we had a blast.  We bought some goodies and then we visited with them for a little while and had this taken:


That’s me in the middle with Terri and Linda on either side of me!  (geez – you think I could have been wearing something a little nicer!  But alas, I had my racing shirt on – had to help support the boys once we got back to the race!) But who wants to talk about me – look at that quilt on the design wall behind us.  Holy cow – I love that quilt design.  You can purchase this pattern and even a kit to make it directly from them!  The name of the quilt is Eldon and it’s designed by that sweetie of a gal Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  Geez – she really knows how to design some fabulous quilts!  I’m telling you though – the kit from Back Door Quilts is breathtaking.  I have to make this – I just could not take my eyes away from this quilt.  Anyhow – just give them a little jingle and I bet they can help you out to if you have also fallen in love with this beauty also!  Here’s a link the their website where you will find all kinds of goodies!  Back Door Quilts

If you ever have the chance to visit them in Greenwood, Indiana – go for it!  There is so much eye candy in that quilt shop!  Wow.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Our next stop was:

Nancy and Paul own this shop called: The Rivers Edge Fabric Company.  We met awhile back through all the quilt shows we’ve done together.  Wow, wow- what fun we had there. They have so much space in their building and models all over the place and fabric – wow – lots of it too!


Here’s a picture of Nancy and I together.  Oh my – what’s that behind me, hmmmm, that quilt looks mighty familiar!  Oh  yeah – it’s one of our designs – It’s The Brick Wall of Wabash County pattern #360  Here’s our version:

But to be honest with you – I like their version better – of course because it’s scrappy.  Now – if you love their quilt as much as I do – give them a little jingle to because they have it all kitted up!  Click here to go their website: The Rivers Edge Fabric Company

Fabulous!  And a little birdie told me the kits have been selling really well for them!

And they are also hot on the sewing machine whipping up their own version of this:

They are busy putting the last stitches into their quilt – but the kits are ready to go!  If you look in the photo of Nancy and I together – and look to those pretty kits all stacked up on the right side of the photo, you get a little peak at them!  All the fabrics are in gorgeous Kansas Troubles/ style prints and colors (you know – Them – “the” Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric by Moda Fabrics – the designer is of course,  Lynette Hagemeier)  Yummy – just yummy looking.  Makes me want to make another one of these quilts!

My daughter also made a new friend while at this shop – so now she has a new “buddie” to hang around with while we are vending at the NQA show in June in Columbus, Ohio.  I guess they have a “lunch” date too!

Now that I’m back home, I can think of a couple dozen things I should have bought that I saw in these shops.  Why oh why do I always do that!  Thank goodness for the internet!

To finish today’s post, I will not leave you hanging.  We were only able to visit 2 quilt shops on this adventure before the “boys” started wondering where we were (in other words, they were getting lonely and hungry)  So the “girl” and I headed back up to Indy loaded with snacks for the boys.  All in all we had fun the whole day – even at the race. It was very exciting – but very expensive – My $6.50 diet coke lasted a long time – a very long time.  I think I walked out of the stadium partially dehydrated because I was so thirsty but to cheap to buy another drink!  Thank goodness for the cooler I had in the truck! Why are these things so expensive to eat or drink at!  Ughhhh….

When I get a chance I’ve got another quilt shop adventure to post about that I went on a couple weeks ago.  It was a rather interesting trip….

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