This Is What Chaos Looks Like

I don’t think the following pictures of my sewing room need much explanation.  Chaos at its best….

Above is “supposed” to be my cutting counter.

Above is “supposed” to be my sewing area.

Above is “supposed” to be my pressing area. And I’m not even going to show you what is to the right of this picture – it’s a mess – a big huge mess of papers, fabric samples, piles of scraps (geez I should do a scrap give away or something), pictures, bags for this weekends show – just a mess, trust me.

What you see here, is what I will be doing for the rest of today – and probably tomorrow.  Pictured is about 150 fat quarters that need folded (with about a gazillion more that I need to cut and get ready for the Chicago and Paducah shows). 12 fat quarter bundles with 24 pieces in each bundle (that’s 288 fat quarters folks!)  186 kits that need to be folded and assembled. 378 patterns that need to be folded and assembled.  Oh yeah, and I think my apple and water bottle is hidden in there somewhere to – I’ll snack on that if I can find my way to it.  Looks like fun huh?

Well, you will have to excuse me while I disappear into my cave for a little bit.  The photos of last weekends show are in my webshots album and if you’ve been there before I’m sure you can find it.  I’ll post a more “professional” link to that when I get more time.

Also, be sure to view the 8 new patterns and kits we just uploaded on the website!  You’ll get a first hand view of what all the above piles of fabric and paper will become in a few hours time.  Here are the links:

Wish me luck and if anyone out there is really bored, come on over to my house and help me out for a little while!  The kids are off hiding on me (they are on spring break) – they know if I hear one “Mom, I’m bored” I’ll find something really quick to keep them entertained!


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