The Ebay Quilt With The Dresden Plate Quilting

Remember awhile back I promised you that I would share a photo of my quilt that I longarm quilted the dresden plate design on?  Well here it is….


It’s far from being “perfect” or “professional” but you know what?  I love it! There are plenty of places where I didn’t line the pantograph pattern up right – but that’s ok – I learned something and what do I always tell my kids – It’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn something from them and go on.  That’s good Mom advice right there, so I better listen to what I preach once in a while!

This quilt really surprised me when I finished sewing the binding on (how do you like that solid dusty pink binding?) and then tossed it in the washer using hot water.  Those fabrics in the quilt top really feel like they have a little polyester in them and I was worried that the quilt would not “pucker” up enough, but low and behold, between the great Quilters Dream Select loft cotton batting the the cotton homespun fabric on the back and the hot water- I got pucker! I sure wish I could find the person on ebay that I bought this quilt top from and show them what I did with it!

I finished quilting another quilt almost 2 weeks ago – I still need to put the binding on it and wash it, then I’ll show that also.  I go longarming again this coming Saturday.  I’m going to try and stay as long as I can. I’m going to focus more on really making that laser follow the lines on the pantograph.  It’s a test for me for sure.  I have 5 quilt tops sitting here that need to be quilted for new pattern designs and if I cannot get my quilting on the longarm “looking good enough” soon – I’ll have to send them out to be quilted.

Now, I have to get back to work – I’m in the middle of writing pattern instructions but just had to stop and chat for a little bit.  Talking to myself gets a little old sometimes – but hey – at least I’m not answering myself yet!  LOL

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