Second Hand Rose Quilt Top Finish


Here’s a little quilt I finished up right before Christmas.  The center is hand appliqued and was a lot of fun and very relaxing to work on.  This is a kit I bought from a shop in Iowa when I was on my way to vend at the Des Moines Quilt Show.  It still needs to be quilted – again – I have no clue when I’ll get to that!  Anyhow – I switched out both outer borders from what was provided in the kit.  I just liked these from my stash better.  Now the only thing that’s bugging me is those bright white flower centers – so I’m seeing some tea dying action going on there.  This design is from a Jo Morton book called Remembrances and the pattern is Second Hand Rose.  The more I look at this quilt the more I’m thinking about tea dying the whole quilt!  The background on the applique needs to be more muted too I think!

And last but not least for today, I leave you with a picture of my hubster and I.  This was taken about 2 weeks ago when we took the kids to the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago as a last hurrah before they went back to school after winter break………


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