Martha Skelton: Master Quilter of Mississippi

Well, I’m just on a roll this morning – but I forgot to tell you about an amazing book I received in the mail (it’s been a very good mail week here – all kinds of goodies – I’m using my gift cards I received from Christmas!)
Anyhow the book Martha Skelton: Master Quilter of Mississippi arrived and I’m in love.  I’m amazed.  I want to meet this lady and be her bestest friend!
If you do not have this book – it’s a must have for all us quilt lovers.  This book has quilting photos on just about every page.  Her story is interesting to read. This isn’t one of those books where you only have a few pictures of antique quilts and a bunch of jibber jabber written that you will never read.  Nope – it’s good.
Martha has made so many quilts in her lifetime and each one is beautiful!  I can’t believe home many magazines she’s been in and the awards she has won. She does everything from hand piecing, to applique to hand quilting.  Amazing.
You can read a little bit about her here:
Amazon.com has her book. (click on the link)

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