Just Thinking and Playing

I was playing around with Picasa yesterday (which I love!) and came across some photos I took in Kentucky last year of barns with quilt blocks painted on them!  I just love these barns.  I’ve seen them in Kentucky, Ohio and Iowa.  Hopefully this coming year when I travel to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and many other places I can find some more. I so hope someday I can have a home settled in the mountains and have one of these awesome barns!

If you would like to view a few other barns I took pictures of you can see them here:

Barn Pictures (click Here)

And if anyone out there has more photos of barns with quilt blocks – send me a copy!  Or even a link to different websites that might possibly list locations of other barns!!!

On the sewing front, I’m still  chugging away on my Boston Common quilt.  I should have the quilt top completed today!   I’ll be sure to post a picture of the completed quilt top. It’s been a fun quilt to make. The outer pieced border was a bit of a challenge yesterday and after “un-sewing” a couple things, I got it all figured out.  This is certainly a quilt design that uses precise 1/4″ piecing – let me tell ya!  I had to make one corner fit because I was obviously off a bit, but all in all it looks fine so far!

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