Itty Bitty Fabric Bundles

Call me crazy – but back when we starting doing quilt shows, I started rolling these little bundles of fabric to use up what was left on bolts, and to make some small color coordinated packs and to offer people that just need a little bit of this or that something without buying a whole fat quarter or yardage……

This is what I came up with.  After 2 years of doing shows – I now have a name for them, thank you very much customers that made comments in our booth.

So, we introduce you to “Cuties”

These little scrappy bundles of joy are a real hit at the quilt shows we vend at.  Each little “Cutie” has 5 – Fat Sixteenths rolled up in a little bundle of scrappy fun.  The name “Cutie” came about because so many people said “Aren’t these cute!”  If you are a scrap lover like I am – these are the perfect size to enhance your “stash” and get a wider variety of fabric for a little amount of money.  These are also perfect for applique projects!  A Fat Sixteenth measures approximately 9″ x 10 1/2″ to 11″.  The 9″ width will always be standard but the length may vary a hair or two due to fabric manufacturers differences.

The “Cuties” that we have available right now are up and running on the website – with photos of each!  Here’s just a few so you get the idea:


You can find any of these and more here:

And for those of you that loved our Scrappy Charm Packs at the quilt shows – well, those are on the website now too.  I do not have a photo of them up yet, but basically they are charm packs of 50 – five inch squares.  They are just scrappy packs, there is no theme to them, they are not all from one certain line of fabric – it’s just plain fun.  If you enjoy the type of fabrics that we carry on our website – then you will like these. You can find those here:

These two goodies will come and go on the website throughout the year as we sell out of them or add other colors and so forth.  Hopefully this year I can keep up with them and have them at every show instead of it always being so hit or miss!  So far I’m ready to head to Valparaiso, Indiana in March for that quilt show and Chicago Quilt Festival is looking good too so far – not quite ready, but it’s looking like I have my act together!  Paducah – well, I’m going but I’m not ready yet – not near being ready for that at all!  So with that thought in mind….

I need to get back to work.  Today we are busy stocking up our inventory for the spring shows.  Today alone I’ve been cutting kits, cutting fat quarters and fat eighths, finishing those “cuties” up and cutting more scrappy packs.  Wish me luck!  Drats — I need to run to the grocery store too – any volunteers?  Plus I really wanted to get started on another little quilt design – I might be up until midnight again – but it’s all good fun – right???

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