Happy Mail Day

Yesterday I received the most awesome book!

Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin!  I love this book – so many good quilts to make.  I’m drooling over the quilt on the cover above in the lower left hand corner.  Oh my goodness – I have to make that quilt in this lifetime!

You can order your own copy of the book on Judy’s website here:

In other news – quilting class went ok yesterday.  I wasn’t able to finish quilting my quilt – I only have so much time between the time my “rental” time starts and the time I have to rush home to get my little ones off the school bus – plus a few minor “blurps” yesterday set me back. I am quilting the quilt top using the dresdan fan pattern and let me tell you – it takes a while – I have to keep adjusting the pattern and moving things around.  I should be able to finish it next Monday and move on to another quilt top.  This next quilt I’m hoping to use this new pantograph pattern I just ordered called Popcorn by Jody Beamish – love that pattern!

And in other news – for those of you interested – I have updated the “Upcoming Shows” page on our website to show all the quilt shows we will be vending at this year.  If you know of any other good shows, leave me a comment and we’ll check them out!

Now, I have to get back to work and get off this computer – Quilt Market is only 3 1/2 months away!  Yikes!

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