Finished The Boston Commons Quilt

This below:


  and this:


do not mix.  Actually there is a second cat but he kept hiding from me when I went to find him.  Both cats were very naughty while I was trying to take pictures of this quilt top.  I’d straighten the quilt (not an easy task – this puppy is a king size quilt!) – turn around and walk up our stairs (I have to walk up the staircase a little to get far enough away to take this photo in my living room) and BAM -those cats would come out of hiding and mess with the quilt top.  Down I’d go to fix it and I’d turn my back and they would nosedive on my quilt again.  This went on for I don’t know how long and finally I gave up.  So here is the Boston Commons Quilt – wrinkles and all.  I rather like it!

Here is a little picture of one of the outer corners of the quilt:


at the top area – just left of the center of the photo, you can see the area that I had to “set-in” to attach the pieced border to the inner solid border.  That was a bit tricky – but a good challenge I have to say!

All in all, I would make this quilt again.  It really wasn’t that bad.  I probably won’t make another king size, maybe a queen.  But I did enjoy making this!

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