A Quilt With A Story

On Sunday I visited the Salt Creek Quilters Guild show in Hinsdale, Illinois.  I took lots of pictures and I’m busy uploading those to my webshots album and I’ll share that with you as soon as it’s ready.

I met a wonderful lady at this show who had a really great quilt on display.  I was busy taking pictures of it and not paying too much attention to anyone around me when a woman walks up to me and says ever so quietly – Do you like it?  I look up and said – Oh yes!  I love it – is it yours?  Well, to make a long story short – it was her quilt and the story behind it has had my mind going ever since this moment.  Here’s a picture of the quilt before I go on: (all the pictures for this post are going to be thumbnails because they are larger files – just click on the pictures and you will see the little details!)

This quilt was so wonderful!   Marilyn (the maker of this quilt) went on to tell me about different objects she placed in the quilt.  On the lower left corner is a bird, bird’s nest and 3 little eggs – those eggs represent her children.

This fabric that I took a close up of is from a wrap around skirt she had made in the ’70s.

Here are some other close ups of the quilt!  There were many more little treasures sewn onto the quilt – it was just a feast for your eyes!  Each and every detail has a story with it of memories from when her children where growing up.  Enjoy and Marilyn thank you for the wonderful quilt and the great stories I hope it continues to bring a smile to your face each time you see it and helps your children remember their great times growing up!

If you could have seen Marilyn’s smile while talking about her quilt, you would have known how special this one is!

P.S. – I’m still uploading pictures of both guild shows from this past weekend – it’s gonna take awhile!

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