A Little Bit Of Calico

Thanks everyone for the emails I received from last nights post.  (If you didn’t read my blog post from last night – go do it – I posted lots of pictures of some of the quilts my Great Aunt has made this winter!) This morning I took a few pictures of some of the small calico prints I have so you get an idea of the types of fabric I’m on the hunt for.  It’s so easy to say I’m looking for calico – but each persons perspective of “what” calico means to you or me is always different! When I think of calico I automatically think of small prints with flowers in them and fabrics like my grandma used in her quilts.

Here is a photo of some of the calico’s I have in my stash and I’m always trying to find more of these older fabrics:


I found these fabrics at a hidden away quilt shop here in Illinois.  I felt like I had struck gold and really want to get back to that shop.  This quilt shop was stuffed to the ceiling with old prints.  I was in heaven and wish I would have gotten more – hopefully I’ll get lucky the next time I go.  Here’s a couple more close up pictures:


I’m searching for more of the blue fabric on the far left of the above photo for sure – it’s a tiny cute print.


See the red and the yellow fabric above – these are so cute.  This is what I’m really searching for – tiny cute calico prints in clear, colors, nothing muddy or muted.

I got lucky this morning on ebay doing a random search and was able to locate a few more pieces that I think my Great Aunt will really love working with!  If you know of any good fabric websites where I might find some great calico prints similar to the ones in this post – let me know!

Have a great day!  I think we are done with all the snow for the day here, it’s just cold and windy right now.  I put on a pot of coffee and I’m ready to hit the sewing room!

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