A Finished Quilt For The Week

Well, as you know I’m learning to longarm quilt.  I’m getting better – but still have more practice to do.

Here is my second finish – I finally got the binding sewn on this week:


This quilt is nothing fancy, just a simple scrap quilt I threw together from a lot of odds and ends pieces I had laying around.  I made this quilt top in December of 2008.  That was the time I took the whole month for myself and did nothing but piece scrap quilts and basically made anything I wanted to without worrying about designing new patterns.  I was able to piece 13 quilt tops ranging in size from twin to king that month and was quite impressed with that!  I have 2 more quilts that I finished putting the binding on this week also that I’ll post later on – they are also scrap quilts and turned out really pretty.

Here’s a picture of something else I’ve been working on off and on when I have time.  I try to take a few minutes each day to hand piece of a few of these Texas stars using some of my fabrics from my 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s collection.  Aunt Julie – this picture is for you too – I wanted you to see these!


Those Texas Stars are a little bright for my normal tastes aren’t they! I love my growing collection of these fabrics. They are so fun to look at!

And then I leave you with this photo today.  I figured while I had the camera out I’d get a picture of one of the little goodies I found last weekend!


Are those not the prettiest reproduction fabrics!  These are a roll of fat eighths I found – after digging and hunting for something special in a quilt shop.  I purchased a bunch of these bundles for a deal of a price.  Every single one I bought were all fabrics that are not in my collection already and each piece is different – that makes them even more special.  I love looking at these fabrics. I think I was able to rescue 15 of these bundles – each different except for 2 of the bundles – I did find one double, but bought it anyhow because I loved the fabrics.  This fabric purchase made me day – made my whole week actually!

Tomorrow, bright and early I’m off to visit another local quilt guild show.  I’m excited to be going!  Look for another slide show and pictures next week!

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