Ever just have one of those days where good and bad just kept happening.
Well, minw just seemed to start on Thursday evening!  Dear hubby leaves to go to work in the evening and I get a call a few minutes later – flat tire, don’t have time to change it do you need your truck?  So we, get him back home park the work car and off he goes in my truck.  Not a biggie – he works midnights and I don’t need to use my truck in the middle of the night!  Fast forward to Friday morning.  The flat came about from hitting one of our endless potholes in the roads during this time of year and now we are dealing with a bent rim.  Bummer.  So my dear truck went to work with hubby again Friday night.  We’ll fix the rim this weekend – neither of us felt like dealing with it when he got home from work Friday morning.
My youngest had to go to the doctor yesterday – diagnosis – 2 bad ear infections.  This child is also prone to ear wax build up.  So, now we are on med’s for the double ear infection.  Plus, not looking forward to the prescription running out in 10 days because she will be headed back to the doctor to have an “ear wax removal” done.  This is not going to be fun.  Send some good thoughts her way, she’s going to need it the poor thing
I ran errands like crazy yesterday during the day while I had my truck – man are people grouchy anymore!  Needless to say, I got my errands done in record time and didn’t have to deal with to much snow – just crabby people. Came home with time to spare before the children started coming home from school.  Sat down to sew – next thing I know the iron is dead. Yep, 2nd iron in a year on the blitz – of course I don’t find this out until “after” I’m back from running errands.  So I pulled out the iron I can’t stand that I keep on hand “just in case” – it’s dead.  I pulled out my little, tiny, shark traveling iron and just used it!  I refused to give in and head back out for another iron on a Friday night with kids in tow!
As some of your know I have 2 cats.  Well, they tend to like to play and act like energetic toddlers while I’m trying to work.  This time, our baby Smoke chilled out a bit and here are a few photos of him.  Of course – he couldn’t nap in the kittie bed I set up for them – NO – he has to lay right in the middle of my work area!
Above: sleeping like a prince and covering his eyes – I guess my lighting is a bit much!
Above: I’m getting “the look” – I woke the “queen cat” up with the flash on the camera!  LOL
 Above: again trying to nap and “striking a pose”!
 I really wish sometimes I could just lay around like that anywhere I please and fall asleep!
OK – on to fabric talk.
I’ve heard talk of “Ecology Cloth” in the quilting and blog world a few times in the past.  Well a dear bloggie friend posted “here” about getting ready to start a quilt using it – and I just could not take the curiosity anymore.  So thank you very much Kathie who blog’s under the name Inspired By Antique Quilts – I now have a bolt of Ecology cloth on the way.  Gotta try it!  It will be here next week.  Hmmm, what to make first!
And in other news – I think I “fixed” the problem where no one who was reading the blog could “see” the pictures I posted.  I’m so sorry about that – and really not sure why it happened – but it did!  So, if you still can’t view the photos I posted today – drop me a line and I’ll got back to the drawing board and try to figure it out!

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